A Message from Our CEO

New Orleans, LA, April 21, 2020


At GCR, we’re very proud of the customers we support across North America who are serving the critical, but often unseen, needs of our communities during this uneasy and unpredictable time. They’re preparing for elections in the era of social distancing, deploying federal disaster funds, keeping our airports humming, supporting real estate and infrastructure, keeping power plants operating safely, and much, much more. They’re often away from their families so we can be with ours. They’re up all night to ensure we can sleep soundly. They’re innovating, pivoting, and inventing. And for the most part, they’re behind the scenes.

GCR’s customers are the unheralded who are sacrificing to make sure our communities, our democracy, and our economy keep functioning throughout this challenging, rapidly evolving situation — and they’re the ones who are working now to make sure the future will be even brighter than before.

We see you. We applaud you. And we’re here #ForYouFromHome.