Business One Stop Helps Keep States Open for Business Amid Shutdown

Windsor, CT, April 6, 2020

With massive shutdowns across the U.S. aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus, state and local governments are quickly pivoting how they deliver services to keep business humming and people safe.

Indiana is a shining example of how early adopters of online, integrated services are well positioned to facilitate business during a statewide Stay-At-Home Order.

Four years ago this month, the state launched INBiz as a one-stop resource for Hoosiers to register and manage their businesses and comply with state laws and regulations. Since then more than 500,000 users have signed up to do business through the online portal. With this integrated infrastructure in place prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, business owners are still able to ensure basic compliance remotely.

Powering Indiana’s business portal is PCC’s Business One Stop, a solution that allows multiple agencies to collect, validate, and distribute business registration information while making the process easy for constituents through one, single sign-on application.

“Under normal conditions, the digital nature of Business One Stop helps make states attractive places in which to do business. During this pandemic, it is making business possible while helping keep communities safe from the transmission of the virus,” said Tom Amburgey, Chief Executive Officer of PCC’s parent company, GCR Inc. “One Stop means constituents and agency staff can still manage required processes without face-to-face interactions and the need for transferring paper forms. The online system allows states to maintain social distancing while keeping governments and businesses running.”

There are multiple filing and compliance requirements spanning various state agencies with few definitive sources of information. Business One Stop provides a single public portal for all business needs and streamlines backend, multi-agency procedures. It guides prospective users and puts information and electronic filings at their fingertips – from wherever they happen to be working.

Learn more about how Business One Stop helps states and its businesses grow here.