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New Mexico Trademark

In 2013, the New Mexico Secretary of State chose PCC to consolidate several disparate, stand-alone applications into a complete enterprise solution with one back-end database. Included in the business filing and registration deliverable was a Trademark module that introduced

  • Online capabilities (previously paper-based)
  • Robust public searching
  • Specimen normalization (for both registrations and renewals)

This successful Trademark implementation connected separate trademark databases, created shared work queues with other agencies, and incorporated a single sign-on solution.

Texas Voter Registration

In 2014, the Texas Secretary of State contracted with PCC to implement our voter registration solution and replace an aging legacy system. The state needed a solution that was more efficient, user-friendly, and that had been proven in other markets. In addition, the state needed a solution that would address their unique hybrid of bottom-up and top-down requirements.

PCC successfully implemented ElectioNet, including jury management, election management, and voter registration. Our solution is being used in 215 counties and by nearly 10 million voters.

Arkansas Notary

In 2014, the Arkansas Secretary of State chose PCC to implement an updated Notary Commission and Authentications management solution, as their legacy system could not support new functionality required by recent legislation (support for eNotary Commission enhancements and uniquely identifying Commission Numbers for each Notary Public Commission record). For Authentications, the legacy process revolved around generating Apostilles and Certifications from Microsoft Word Templates and Apostille numbers were created by hand and tracked in an Excel Worksheet. In addition, online Notary Search functionality was limited and online Authentication verification was absent. The state required a solution that incorporated

  • Flexibility
  • Configurable workflows
  • Document management and reporting functionality
  • Integration with third party eNotary solution vendors.

PCC took core Notary and Authentication functionality, configured it for the needs of the state, and accommodated a statutory regulated process that included several status types and functionality atypical in state implementations, including eNotary Commission enhancements.

Within seven months, the solution was successfully deployed. Within a few months, the office staff noticed that applications and renewals that had been generated through the Online Portal’s guided wizard had much lower instances of rejection than forms downloaded from the web as PDFs and hand filled. The state then took the bold move of removing their PDF forms from the state website and requiring all applications and renewals be entered and generated from the Online Portal. Six months after implementation, the state passed legislation requiring a Notary Exam be taken and passed as part of the Notary Public application and renewal requirements. PCC implemented a Notary Public Exam on the Online Portal, which requires applicants to pass the exam before being allowed to print their application or renewal form. The exam is entirely configurable via an in-house administrator console. Since this solution was implemented, the state has processed over 8,300 notary public applications and renewals have been successfully filed by customers.

New Hampshire U.C.C.

In June of 2014, the New Hampshire Secretary of State chose PCC to replace their legacy system. The state’s goal was to modernize and streamline department related services into one seamless, integrated, electronic business registration and records management solution, including online and in-house processing of filings and renewals pursuant to Revised Article 9 (Uniform Commercial Code, Secured Transactions), federal tax liens, state tax liens and miscellaneous statutory liens.

Vermont Election Administration

The State of Vermont struggled with an inefficient and error-prone legacy system. The Secretary of State staff routinely duplicated data entry efforts over multiple repositories of file systems and spreadsheets. The processes were cumbersome, and the election applications were at the end of their useful life. State officials conducted an objective assessment and chose PCC to implement the ElectioNet’s comprehensive Elections Management solution. Working alongside state officials, our Business Analysts configured the industry-tested application and implemented it successfully to meet Vermont’s needs. The solution now supports over 300 concurrent users, over 450,000 voters, and has been critical to the 2016 primary elections.

New Mexico U.C.C.

PCC was brought in when New Mexico’s legacy filing system failed during project implementation. The State faced a large backlog and an immediate need for a seamless launch. Our UCC product was implemented successfully, ahead of schedule, and the backlog was completely eliminated by the system within two weeks.

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