Windsor, Connecticut, June 26, 2018

In 2016, PCC was asked to develop an online dealer licensing system that offers online automation to motor vehicle and watercraft dealers within their client state. After going live in May of 2017, PCC has spent the last year delivering key releases.

New online dealer functionality, including the creation of a Dashboard which provides information regarding status, notifications, and payments, is now available to provide efficiency and flexibility when doing the following activities:

  • Applying for a new or temporary dealer license and processing license renewals
  • Ordering additional plates
  • Making payments online (versus having to send in checks)
  • Increasing plate limits online
  • Updating Bond and Insurance information online
  • Printing interim motor vehicle and motorcycle license plates for act of sale
  • Reporting a license plate status (stolen, lost, etc.) and requesting replacement plates

The general public can use the system to:

  • Search and identify Dealer Status (is the dealer active and in good standing, have they been suspended, etc.)
  • Print results
  • File general complaints online

Important general functionality includes:

  • Critical notifications, alerts, and correspondence are automatically sent to Dealers (including license renewals, plate limits, dealer status, etc.)
  • New vehicle and temporary tag files are updated nightly, allowing relevant systems to show the accuracy of a registered vehicle
  • Consumer complaints are managed though an integrated process
  • Dealers are notified directly from the system when onsite visits are scheduled due to compliance issues, complaints, and/or investigations
  • Court dockets capturing case management activities can be printed directly from the application
  • Thorough report/accounting of how to distribute collected revenue that balances with all transactions within the system

For more information on how your state can implement a Dealer Licensing System, please contact Karen Gee or Seth Klaskin.

Karen Gee

Seth Klaskin