States Avoid UCC Lien “Shutdown Backlog” with XML

Windsor, CT, June 2, 2020

Some Secretary of State business services teams are returning to their offices to find mountains of backlogged UCC lien paperwork waiting for them. Those with robust electronic filing systems, though, have kept pace during statewide shutdowns.

Registered agents generate and submit hundreds of UCC lien filings every day, nonstop. This can jam online systems, making it impossible for small filers to get their turns. Moreover, some states require paper filings, which means hundreds of forms per day need to be entered manually – a problem compounded during office closures. Enter states like Indiana, which is using PCC’s UCC Solution to channel bulk filers through XML (eXtensible Markup Language).

This best practice, endorsed by the International Association of Commercial Administrators (IACA), maintains system functionality for all filers by creating a special backend XML channel for registered agents, eliminating paper filings and increasing efficiency.

“Secretary of State Offices that were set up to use XML for bulk filings were well positioned to maintain operations while working from home,” said Vishal Hanjan, AVP of Product Management with PCC, a GCR company. “Exemplary states, like Indiana with its award-winning INBiz platform, have continued processing UCC liens electronically without interruption throughout the pandemic.”

PCC’s UCC Solution allows filing office staff to perform day-to-day business and fulfillment from an in-house portal while the general public performs filings, searches, and data/report purchases through an authenticated online portal.

Learn more at https://gcrincorporated.com/ucc-2/